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Merchants of Death

Reading through the stastics for the last 7 years relating to the top arms dealers in the world, you can’t ignore the role of Europe in the dealing of weapons around the world. True no country is a bigger merchant of arms than the US, followed by Russia.

Yet after Russia the next three largest arms dealers in the world are from the EU; namely the France, the UK, and Germany. They come in ahead of China, who also come in just ahead of Italy. Furthermore if you put together the total arms dealing of the EU member states they would come in ahead of Russia, just behind the United States.

One might say, “whats wrong with that” and take great pride in this achievement. But even if you argue that these arms are primarily for defense, I take great issue with the EU being the world’s second largest arms seller. Not to mention that at least half of those sales are to developing nations, many of which are plagued by conflicts which are further fascinated by the abundance of arms flowing from their European friends.

Europe may be making great strides when it comes to trade and business, but this is one area that we as European citizens should take great issue with. The business of war is not the kind of business are money should be invested in.

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