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Commitment to Peace

The United States is the country that is always assumed to be the gung-ho cowboy in the world; always ready to pick a fight. It casts a shadow over the fact that every step of the way, European nations such as England, the Netherlands and various Eastern European nations… they too have joined the various war campaigns of the co-called “war on terrorism”.

It is my profound wish the being part of the EU would mean that each member state would be absolutely committed to resolving conflicts peacefully, and never seeing war or violence as a solution. But the truth is, over the past decades, this has not been the case. The US might be the most famous for it’s rush to use war as a diplomacy tool, but Europe should be recognized for its part in the war machine as well.

And so now we watch as Turkey, a candidate for membership to the EU, uses its war machine across borders, in the name of anti-terrorism. Suffice to say, the way things have been going among EU members, they’ll fit right in.

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